Orphanage Employees


Rolaans & Frine Rodriguez
Rolaans and Frine have two children: Esteban, age 5, and Gabriela, age 18 months. They are also expecting a third child in March 2015. Rolaans has a college degree as a nurse and Frine has a college degree in tourism. They have served as administrators of an orphanage near Cusco and are very familiar with the muti-tasking required in the culture to maintain a facility such as ours. They are both strong Christians and He is the center of their lives. Under their guidance, our children are learning how to grow in their walk with Christ while also being nurtured in their home life. We are greatly honored and blessed to have them as the leaders of our Village of the Children facility.

House Parentsdaviddeysi

David Quispe Garcia & Deysi Ayquipa Taipe

On November 18, David and his wife Deysi arrived at the orphanage as our new houseparent team.  David is 34 years old, has been a Christian for more than 10 years, and is a church leader. David and Deysi (pronounced Daisy) have been married for six years and have one daughter, Arela,  who is one year old. They are an exemplary family and have been a great help to the orphanage. Throughout the day, they teach the example of Jesus Christ to the children.


Alexis Goeglein

Alexis graduated from high school in 2014 with a strong missions calling on her life. Her family have actively participated on the mission field and she had experienced first hand how to invest in children as her family have fostered and adopted children. Alexis has led Bible studies to younger girls and been an active part of her church. As our intern, Alexis has built relationships wit the children and actively discipled them. She has served as a housparent to our young girls while performing daily work such as cooking, managing the childrens schedules, and helping them prepare for school. We are blessed that God has called her to our ministry for this period in her life!



Matthew Smith

Matt graduated December 2013 from college with a calling to the mission field and, specifically, to Peru. He had participated in many mission trips to Peru and the carribean and knew that God had laid the people of Peru on his heart. Matt is serving in ministry in Cusco and serves as a resource for the orphanage.


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